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Korvpall AND1 Competition Premier

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Korvpall AND1 Competition Premier

Tavahind: 79,99 €

Soodushind 59,99 €


Tarneaeg 3-10 päeva


Korvpall AND1 Competition Premier

Korralik võistlusklassi korvpall.

Ametlik suurus 7.

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The AND 1 Competition Basketball Matchball is the ultimate basketball for an enhanced, skilled performance. This Official Size 7 basketball is made to the highest specification with a premier Micro Composite and 16 Panel PU Leather Cover. The Competition matchball also features Micro-Fibre Backing, Pebble Channelling and a Honeycomb Carcass allowing for ultimate grip and control. The And1 matchball provides a durable, strong basktball suitable for advanced basketball matches. Match quality basketball, Pebble channel for supreme grip & traction, Premier micro composite for high performance & durability, Suitable for advanced basketball players

Official Size 7
Premier Micro Composite
16 Panel PU Leather Cover
Micro-fibre Backing
Pebble Channel
Honeycomb Carcass
Match Quality ball


Korvpall AND1 Competition Premier
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