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Pakiraamikott RideFit City 25L

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Pakiraamikott RideFit City 25L

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Pakiraamikott RideFit City 25L

Soodsa hinnaga pakiraamikott, millel on 2 küljetaskut ja sang kandmiseks.

Koti küljetaskute mõõtmed (mõõdetud tühjalt käes hoides):

pikkus 32 cm
laius 28 cm
sügavus 12 cm

Tootja andmetel küljetaskute maht 25 liitrit. 

Sobib linnas sõitmiseks, matka jaoks vali suurem. 

Designed and manufactured by Velomania Ltd., RideFit Components are produced for cyclists targeting intermediate bicycle components, оr in other words - budget components. The brand has a large set of components and accessories for your convenience. If you're not a professional rider, RideFit is your brand. You can hold in your hands good and quality products and at the same time best prices. This is RideFit - we care about every rider.


Pakiraamikott RideFit City 25L
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