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Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull 53-59 cm

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  • Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull 53-59 cm
  • Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull 53-59 cm
  • Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull 53-59 cm
  • Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull 53-59 cm

Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull 53-59 cm

44,99 €


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Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull

See kiiver on valmistatud termoplastist (ABS) - äärmiselt vastupidav löökidele ja disainitud ekstreemspordis kasutamiseks.

Kasuta kindlasti kiivrit tõukeratta, rulluiskude, rula ja trikirattaga sõitmisel skatepargis ja linnatänavatel, aga ka talvel uisutamisel.

Sobib pea ümbermõõdule 53-59 cm.

Kiivriga on kaasas 3 suuruses pehmenduspadjad (M, L, XL), saate valida need, mis kõige paremini pea ümbermõõduga sobivad. 

Värv: must

Kaitse oma kõige tähtsamat vara - pead!

Bestial Wolf helmets are ideal for INDOOR and OUTDOOR. Valid for Pro Scooters, Longboard, Inline Skates, Roller Skates, Electric Scooters, Bikes, BMX, Skateboard, Urban use, etc. The interior has at the nape of the neck a rotating wheel system that allows the helmet to be adapted to the contour of the head and can be adjusted to different sizes M-L-XL.

It has 14 holes for a better ventilation that helps maintain the head fresh and without sweaty smell. With an excellent transpiration to guarantee a balanced interior clima and comfortable during all day. It is also easy to remove to be able to wash the cushions.

With its robust ABS outer shell and EPS inner shell, shock-resistant on the outside and shock-absorbing on the inside, it is particularly resistant to impacts and falls. It also protects the superior part of the head.

This helmet is the most demanded for the Riders of Skateboard, Inline, Pro Scooters. It gives you a freedom feeling as well comfort and safety. And is ideal for children and adults.

ADJUSTABLE: M Size: 53-55, L Size: 55-57, XL Size 57-59. The straps can be gradually adjusted to the shape of the head easily and precisely. The anchoring system is very easy with help of a quick fastener. Thanks to the adjustable straps and the rotating wheel it adjusts to different Sizes M-L-XL and the helmet can be perfectly adapted to the shape of your head. Choose the right size according to the circumference of your head (see picture attached).

QUALITY: Bestial Wolf it's a synonymous of high-quality products and cool designs.

Why do you need a Helmet?

To keep the head protected. A helmet can help you protect yourself of a brain damage or in the head.


This product is CE Certified and complies with the technical and quality criteria contained in the correponding homologation.

Don't save on safety, a good protection can avoid serious injuries.

CE/ EN  1078:20


1 Helmet
1 Cushion for L and XL Sizes
1 Cushion for the chin strap


SKULL model
Extremely compact and lightweight
ABS Outer material 
EPS Inner material
14 holes of ventilation
Easy and fast closing with high security
Transpirable cushions
Adjustment system at the nape of the neck
Inner shape with cushions ( removable and washable )
Includes cushions to adjust sizes L and XL
Black Nylon straps ( Adjustable )
Back neck adjustment with swivel wheel
Valid: Unisex


Kiiver Bestial Wolf Skull 53-59 cm
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