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Spidomeeter Sigma BC 5.16

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Spidomeeter Sigma BC 5.16

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Spidomeeter Sigma BC 5.16

5-funktsiooniline juhtmega spidomeeter.

Näitab kiirust, läbitud distantsi, kokku sõidetud kilomeetreid, sõiduaega ja kellaaega.

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Small but mighty

With the BC 5.16, you will find the five most important bicycle functions in one small device. Despite the compact size, the display of the BC 5.16 displays the five most important features large and clear. You can use the large button to switch between the information displays quickly and easily.

Displays functions using icons

A picture is worth a thousand words. The desired information can be displayed in the form of symbols or icons on the display screen.


Spidomeeter Sigma BC 5.16
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