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Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi

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  • Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi
  • Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi
  • Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi
  • Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi
  • Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi
  • Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi
  • Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi

Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi

Tavahind: 149,99 €

Soodushind 131,99 €


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Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi

Spine Concept Combi saapad on universaalsed suusasaapad, mis sobivad nii uisutehnika kui klassikatehnika sõitmiseks. 

Atraktiivne erksavärviline disain ja soodne hind on muutnud Spine Concept Combi saapad populaarseks harrastajate hulgas.

Spine Concept Combi suusasaapad on SPORT seeria suusasaapad. 

  • Pehme tald (NNN)

  • Elastne termoplastilisest polüuretaanist tugi toetab ja kaitseb pahkluud

  • Isolatsioon Caprovelure materjalist

  • Väline kiht on polümeermaterjal, mis kaitseb külma eest

  • Kiirkinnitusega nöörid

  • Elastne, painduv ja veekindel pealismaterjal

  • Tugev ja vastupidav takjapaela kinnitus

Huvi korral vaata lisainfot saabaste kohta Spine kodulehelt

Spine on asutatud 1996.a. Tegemist on kiiresti areneva firmaga, mis tänaseks on kasvanud suurimaks suusasaabaste tootjaks maailmas, valmistades üle miljoni paari aastas. 

Enne tellimist mõõda palun ära jala pikkus. Erinevate tootjate suusasaapad on sama numbri juures erineva suurusega. 

Sobivad suusasidemed nendele suusasaabastele on NNN tüüpi. Suusasidemete valiku leiad siit

Spine Concept Combi

Model: 286
Type: NNN
Outsole: Spine NNN Bicolour
Size-run: 37-48

Ski boots for skating and classic.

The boots are designed with a reliable modern NNN sole and are ideal for professionals.

As a combination model, the model is suitable for both classic and skating style, and given that this is a versatile boot, you can easily combine skiing styles without any change of accessories or discomfort.

As with the entire Sport line, there is a reliable lacing that fixes the leg well, as well as aclosing flap with a zip and Velcro, which protects against water or snow getting inside.

Spine Concept Combi is made in a bright and memorable style, from high-quality and high-tech materials, both outside, for protection and insulation, and inside, for comfort and reliability.

The features of the boot-in-boot internal construction, anatomically designed last, composite insole, and a unique sole will provide convenience and comfort not only when skiing, but also when walking without them.

Upper: high quality synthetic material with PU coating
Cuff: thermoplastic polyurethane, elastic
Insulation: caprovelure

Weight: 960 g (42 size)

The shoe is small. Please order one size larger.

Spine - the world's largest manufacturer of ski boots with over a million pairs shipped yearly to retailers domestically and all over Europe. A new factory with cutting-edge equipment is up and running. The experience gained in working with Western partners improves the quality. 

Spine technologies


Suusasaapad Spine Concept Combi
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