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Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm soft pink

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  • Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm soft pink
  • Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm soft pink
  • Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm soft pink
  • Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm soft pink

Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm soft pink

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Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm

Trikitõukeratas algajale harrastajale.

Longway Adam tõukeratas teeb lastele trikisõidu õppimise lihtsaks. Väikestele trikitajatele mõeldud Adam on suurepärane algtaseme tõuks, mis on sobib ka hüpeteks ja trikkideks skatepargis. 

Üldkõrgus: 81 cm
Ratta diameeter: 110 mm
Kaal: 3,7 kg
Max sõitja kehakaal: 75 kg
Lenks: laius 50 cm, Y-kujuline, teras
Lenksutoru: kõrgus 56 cm
Lenksutoru kaldenurk: 82,5°
Klamber: kahe poldiga
Kaelakausside tüüp: mitteintegreeritud
Kahvel: keermega
Jalalaud: 50 x 11 cm, ühes osas, Peg-cut, alumiiniumist
Ratta kõvadus: 88A
Ratta südamiku materjal: Nylon
Laagrid: ABEC-9
Piduri tüüp: Flex Fender

See tõukeratas on loodud vastu pidama alustajate tasemele. Sellega on lihtne sõita ja see sobib hästi ka koolis käimiseks. Rattad ja kuullaagrid on veerevad hästi ning teevad sõidu mõnusaks. 

Tehnilist lisainfot inglise keeles vaata siit

NB! Toode ei mahu pakiautomaati. Tellimisel valige palun kättetoimetamise viisiks kullerteenus või tulge ise kaubale järgi Tähe 127f, Tartu. 

Longway Adam 

The Longway Adam stunt scooter is the number one choice for parents who attach great importance to the safety of their little champions. It was specifically developed for beginners to learn their first tricks and jumps or simply to ride to school. The careful selection of high-quality materials and components makes this scooter extremely smooth-running and durable. Riding it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun, without putting too much strain on your budget.

Deck: alu 6061 T6, front welding, 82.5 degree, 500 * 110 mm
T-bar: steel material, 490 mm (W) x 560 mm (H)
Wheel: 110 mm, Nylon wheel core
Fork: steel fork, 5 degree offset
Headset: non-integrated
Clamp: double clamp
Brake: rear flex brake, steel material
Compression: thread
Grip: high quality TPR rubber
Grip tape: sanded paper material
Bearing: ABEC-9
Weight: 3.7 kg

NEW TRICKS – The Longway Adam stunt scooter was developed specifically for the small champions of tomorrow and is considered the number one choice for beginners in the entire core scene. It was developed using the input of actual professional riders to make it easier for newbies to learn their first tricks and less demanding stunts to facilitate their entry into the scooter scene.

TOP QUALITY – The Longway Adam stunt scooter is manufactured from extra-hardened high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum.
This makes the scooter extremely lightweight and virtually indestructible.

FREESTYLE – The Longway Adam scooter is perfect for practicing basic moves in the skate park, on the street or for spontaneous tricks in the park. Perfectly suitable for boys and girls over the age of 6.

TOP-NOTCH COMPONENTS – Total height of 81 cm – Robust T handlebars made of high-strength chrome steel, a double clamp with reinforced bolts, a high-strength steel fork with extra reinforced welds, 110 mm 88A PU wheels, nylon core & high-speed ABEC 9 VORTEX ball bearings, non-integrated headset compression (threaded), featuring our unique Longway nylon-steel compound flex brake, which supports loads up to 75 kg.

INCOMPARABLY STYLISH – A sophisticated, one-piece design with a PEG cut for rail grinds, vibrant colors and ultra chic graphics thanks to the high-end water transfer surface coating. In combination with anti-slip grip tape coating and extra soft TPR handles, this scooter is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

All Adam stunt scooters comply with EN14619 and ASTM 2264-14 standard.


Tõukeratas Longway Adam 110 mm soft pink
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